Friday, December 10, 2021

A busy week

This week I’ve been out and about and I’m definitely feeling it 
Monday was swimming, grocery shopping and laundry day 

Tuesday I had an Ouchie massage 
Then came home and cleaned all the floors 

Wednesday we had planned to go into the city with my swim friends but the trains have been replaced by busses 
Due to works and we didn’t fancy a two hour trip in and two hours back home 

So we decided to head into Mornington, there was a market in the Main Street
We walked up and down both sides. Visited some of the shops and then had lunch at the local pub 

After lunch we headed to the water and had afternoon drinks at the little restaurant 
Called the rocks. It was lovely 

Remember the Santa and reindeer? 
Well I ordered the grinch, and elf and frosty the snowman to add to the collection 
I think they look lovely hanging around in my back yard 

And today I had miss Anastasia 
What a little personality she is developing 
We were watching Jurassic park and she was really concentrating 
Then turned to me and had quite a bit to say about it 

I have no idea what it was but i agreed with her and it seems to have been the right thing to say 

Her daddy has just left with her 
Hubby has gone to get pizza for dinner 
And I’m having a sit down with a cold drink 

After this week. I’ve earned it 
Hope your all well and happy 
See ya xx


  1. Those fence 'ornaments' look like fun - you'll have the girls lined up beneath them wanting their photos taken

  2. Loving those fence decorations. They are so happy and bright.
    And your Miss Anastasia is a real poppet.

  3. What a busy week indeed. Mornington market has a lovely vibe. Anastasia is gorgeous. They are so chatty at that age.

  4. I like the art on the fence.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. Your seaside spot looks untrammelled. Middle of summer and it isn't overrun. And, ouchie massages - do they work or do they shift the focus of the ouchie attention?

    1. They work during lockdown I had to walk with a cane. Now I’m walking without one again.
      I swear by them. And the swimming

  6. "I have no idea what it was but i agreed with her and it seems to have been the right thing to say."

    I loved this sentence--maybe I should try it with adults!

    I had no luck finding out what an Ouchie Massage is, but from the sound of it, I suppose it is a deep tissue massage.

    What pretty clouds you have. I grew up with clouds like that, but pretty clouds are rare here in western Oregon, USA, where the sky tends to be either totally gray or totally blue.

    1. Yes an Ouchie massage is deep tissue she also flicks the tendons back where they’re supposed to be and cracks my back and neck
      Torture really lol.