Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Urban sprawl

This is walking distance from my house. It's huge paddocks that are now going to become a new community. It's really rather sad. I love the rural feel of our area. But soon there will be hundreds of new homes and so many people living here. 
Maybe it's time we moved on further out. 
I know people have to live somewhere but all around us farms are being subdivided for homes. 
I wonder where they think their food is going to come from. 
It's a worry
See ya


  1. That's happening here too, Angela...especially to the north of Brisbane. Our suburb had quite a bit of bushland and paddocks left when I fist moved here in 2002...but gradually this land is being built on...it's sad.

  2. The population is growing, the farms will be moving farther out. Progress is unstoppable.

  3. Might be better to get your 'For Sale' sign up before their little signs go on the subdivided blocks Angela. Might be hard to get a buyer for your place once those are there.

    1. Can't move Cathy. Our business is on the property. It would cost way more than I could afford to start a business somewhere else re set up and get enough land to have all my animals. I guess I'll just have to stay here. At least the few streets around us are full of acreages so it won't be so bad for us. But across that main road omg there are going to be soooo many people :(

  4. I am sorry! This is so unfortunate!