Thursday, October 22, 2015

Stitches and craft show

Well once again another show was disappointing these looked great but were $25.00 a pack of six. Makes for expensive decorations. I'm sure if I just got the felt it wouldn't be as expensive. They are nice though 
There were a few people but not as many as I though. But it was day one. 
I got these buttons for $4.00 each packet. They are very cute. Can you tell a baby girl is coming into the family lol 
These were only $2.50 a pack. So I'm right for buttons for a while now. 
As for the rest it's all the same old thing but the prices were astronomical. 
Seriously people just can't afford those prices and lots of people were leaving with not having spent a thing. And as its $17.00 just to get in. I think we will be missing the next few years. 
If I need anything I'm just going to go to my quilt shop for my supplies and good old spotlight for yarn 
But it was a nice day out. Now I'm pooped 
See ya xx

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