Thursday, October 8, 2015

Feeling blah

Today started well got up, went swimming did a quick clean and settled down to work on my virus shawl. But now I'm crashing and I don't know why. 
Feeling just yucky. Anxiety and heart racing. 
So I'm sitting and resting and I do a little of crocheting. Hopefully I won't crash too far and I'll be able to pick myself up. 
Might have to make myself some comfort food. 
What do you do when your feeling a little down? 


  1. I bring home new plants. Many at a time, the bigger the better. Usually, indoor plants and that is why our home looks something between a nursery and a forest!
    By the time I have chosen the ones I want, I am already better!

  2. Find a movie or some other total distraction.