Monday, October 12, 2015

Rascally rabbits

Yesterday we got int a discussion about rabbits on Facebook. I posted that while innocently enjoying my morning cuppa sitting outside a rabbit just bounced right past me. Didn't really care I was there at all. 
Then everyone commented on how they have rabbits and they a re digging in their yards. 
Well here are some of the rabbit holes in my front yard
I've been putting cat poop in the holes to try and get them to move on. But I don't think it's working 

They are in plague proportions this year and I'm not sure why. It's been a cold winter but not very wet. 
Maybe that's it. It's been to cold to go outside so they stayed inside and you know. Did what rabbits do lol 
Can you see the amount of dirt they have moved? We are going to have to do something to fix this. Taking the garbage out is dangerous. I'm going to break an ankle I'm sure of it. 
It's not good for the stock either. If they stand in a hole they will break a leg. 
How are the rabbits in your part of the world, or what ever is the main pest there? 
See ya 


  1. The rabbits are in the bush or other yards. Reba or Silk will dig them out or go in and join them. If they were in the open they would be too easy to find. Mole do tunnel and make piles of dirt. The cats try to dig them up. And get a few. But cats keep the rabbits in check here.

  2. The story behind their cute faces! Hmm! Move on rabbits, nothing for you here!

  3. Grammy there are just too many even for predators. Greekwitch they are cute but an introduced species that wreak havoc. I wish they listened to you and moved on lol

  4. I seldom see a rabbit around here. The dogs don't allow little critters to set up housekeeping. We do have ankle busting holes though, from collapsed ant hills and mole tunnels.

  5. Quite a few bunnies around here too, but not on our property though. Watch out for those holes...