Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chicken crazy

Here are my wonderful girls. They're back to 100% production! Each day I get five eggs!
They are the biggest sticky beaks. Always coming up when they see you. What have you got there mum? 
The new run has plenty of shade so they won't get hot over summer. And during winter they hide amongst the plants and stay warm and dry.
I love just watching them fossic for grubs all day and going off when they lay and egg. This is outside my bedroom window and at night I can here them as they gently cluck themselves to sleep. It's very soothing. 
Just love my girls. Do you have chickens? What do you love best about them? 
See ya xxx


  1. I am so happy to see your chicks. They are beautiful. You did a great job at providing a comforting home for them. You forgot the couch and chair though.LOL.My 2 sleep on the back of my chair.Now you can call me the crazy chicken lay. I love watching them grow up.Such joy. Best wishes to you, my friend. :)

  2. Beautiful girls! Fresh eggs daily, wow. I love chickens, they make such nice pets. Yes, their sounds they make before sleep is a dear sound.