Sunday, October 18, 2015

Getting things done

Purchased the screens for our outdoor area. Will post pics when they have been installed. I think they will look great 
Got new line and restrung our clothesline. It was really bad with multiple knots where it had broken lol can't rush these things 
Netted the berry boxes. That will fix those pesky birds hubby is securing them down as I type.  
None of these jobs took long and in between we shopped and relaxed and get went at a nice pace  for those of us getting older lol 
It was a good day
What have you been up to?
See ya 


  1. Beautiful screen. I have never seen any like that before, I look forward to see them installed. Your garden looks wonderful too.

  2. Sounds like you achieved a lot over the weekend! Love those screens; they'll look really special when they're in place.

  3. Lol a new line is on our shopping list next time we are the big green barn. Ours has frayed so the birds try to get pieces of the fluffy stuff that pokes out. It stretched in places because of the breakup of the plastic coating and hangs loose , there are sections missing as well. Think it's time for a refit :)
    Will you fill all the outside of the sitting area with the screens or only sections?

    1. Just the one section Cathy. It's to hide the wrong side of the fence. You will see what I mean lol yup cannot rush these things can we lol