Saturday, March 25, 2017

An ordinary weekend


It's Saturday night and hubby and I are home watching telly 
I've had my hips put back where they are supposed too so I'm supposed to rest for two or three days 
So I've spent all day today just doing regular housework, washing and crafting. Only doing lifts spurts and resting in between 
Hubby has been a busy boy outside. Mowing and wedding the garden beds   
I've finished two baby blankets and a baby girls cardigan. So now all babies have something hand made for when they are born
I've started this in threes cardigan with the loft over yarn. If it's big enough it will be for Melody but if it's not it will go to the charity pile at knitting 
Tomorrow we are having lunch at a friends  and then back home for an early night. 
Trying hard to cut down on pain meds. So I'm not going to push any harder than I have too
Have a lovey weekend all 
See ya 


  1. Hope you get better fast. Sound like you had a quite a lot of pain.

  2. South east of Melbourne is a large area but if it is vaguely near, my mother uses a chiropractor in Cranbourne by the name of Ken. While I don't really believe in chiropractors, preferring physiotherapy, she would recommend him.

  3. Dear Angela,

    Sounds like you are keeping busy while you rest up. Your hips sound painful, and I hope this eases for you soon. That is such a pretty colour your you are knitting with, I bet it looks gorgeous once you are finished.

    Take care,


  4. I literally can't navigate on pain medication, so unless I am going to lie in bed, I avoid it. Found out that Aspercreme helps me some without the problems. I hope you are doing better now. Try not to overdo! I love that little sweater pattern, it's so cute! Wish I could knit anymore - every time I see something you've made, I wonder where my hooks and needles are. Ha Ha!

  5. Those hips sound very painful. You should be sitting and knitting and not doing anything else I'm sure!
    The wool is beautiful. Youre a damn good knitter. I crochet blankets now. I finish them quicker than knitting. Won't be long and it will be too hot for knitting

  6. Sorry to read you've had those hip problems Angela, I haven't visited for a little while so I hope it's something you can recover from quickly rather than slowly. It's frustrating not being able to get around as much as you'd like isn't it.
    The wool is gorgeous, such lovely colours. Goodness, you've been productive too.
    Anyway, get better soon and take care :D)