Friday, March 17, 2017

A new look

These drapes have been on our windows for over 23 years 
They were put up before we had the front veranda and had to keep the hot afternoon sun out
They are very faded in places and getting harder and harder for me to clean 

So I got some total block out blinds and yesterday hubby pulled down two sets of drapes and installed these. 
They will need a pain to cover the marks left by the old tracks. But eventually I will cover that area with a pelmet of some sorts
I have a few ideas. 
Just by removing the dark drapes and replacing them with the light blinds it already has made it look much brighter in here 

Here is the back door. 
A more modern look
Two more windows to change and then to save money for the next stage 
Hopefully hubby will be able to do it either tonight or over the weekend
Not a hard job. Just needs both of us on step ladders 
See ya xxx


  1. Huge difference. Lighter brighter & more modern. Very nice.

  2. They look modern and very light. Great change