Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Yarn tails!


I've been busy, in between everything else, working on my crochet and knitting projects 
The purple cardigan was my first chevron baby cardigan in a while and I miss counted. I was two pattern repeats short! 
So I decided to add the fancy white down the sides. My daughter in laws sister liked it. So it's gone with her for her cute little girl to wear 
It's perfect to use over a dress. 
The pink and white one is one I made for a friend that lives in California. She really liked the one I had made for Melody so I've sent it off for her little girl 
Hopefully she gets it soon. It's already been a week since I posted it 

This is a baby blanket for my niece who is expecting her first baby in August. She is having a boy so no pinks or purples here lol 
I love that we can know now and make something specifically for their babies. Although I love neutrals I also love being able to make a blanket for a special someone 
And of course still making bunnies and chickens to add to the pile we are going to be sending to the royal children's hospital in Melbourne. We only have a few weeks until we have to send the parcel off 
I'll try and remember to take a pic and get a final count once we are done 
So that's what's been on my needles and hooks. Have you been working on anything crafty lately? 
See ya xxx


  1. Wow Ange you're a machine. Beautiful work.

    1. Thanks. It wasn't all in one week! It was over at least two lol

  2. Wow! you are amazing! They are all beautiful too.

  3. Such lovely things! Think I'd Like a giant sized one of the chevron cardigans for myself, haha. You have been busy!

    1. I wonder how hard it would be to change the pattern for an adult one lol

    2. Clever girl? You've got 'golden hards' as they say here

  4. It's been a while since I did anything with yarn. One of my Aunts use to make quite a few stuff animals in crochet.
    Coffee is on