Monday, March 13, 2017

Murrindindi- toolangi state Forrest

Here we are at camp just two families. The other two were at the camp site across from us 

Same camp site. But from other end.  My camper van is the white and green one the one with the girls is bronwyn and Dave's 
Our solar panels out in the sun keeping the battery full so we have lights 
Our camp fire. Always great to sit around and talk about everything 
Here is the back of bronwyn and Kay and I in the water in the middle of the water fall. It was freezing. But as it's like fifty steps down to it. It was very nice once you got in. 
Unfortunately you heated up again going back up to the top 
We are home now and half unpacked the van. 
I'm very tired but I've had a lovely relaxing bath and once the washing machine is finished I'll hang th washing and relax the rest of the night. 
I'll post more pics tomorrow showing the lovely walk we did through the bush 
See ya xxxxx


  1. I'll bet you wish you could have stayed longer. Nice campsite! Glad you made the journey home okay!

  2. Great camping. I can see you're experienced campers. Lovely swim hole. Brave of you to plunge in. Can remember rivers like that from my childhood.