Thursday, March 30, 2017

Busy week

I can't believe it's Thursday already. This week I have been swimming, visited the dentist, gone shopping with my daughter in law and continued knitting
I have made progress with the baby cardigan 
I will try and make the number make sense one day. But not in th mood to deal with it now. So this is my new go to pattern 
Just keep knitting now until it's the right length. 

Here are all the bunnies and chickens our group has knitted. The royal children's hospital cannot give them to sick children due to occupational health and safety but we're happy to sell them and use the money 
We didn't really want that. We wanted them to go to the children directly so Barbra our lovely leader found a local school for special needs children who said they would love to have them and share them with their kids 
So they will be going to them with lots of love from our wonderful ladies 
Spotlight had a sale on their Caron cakes so my daughter in law and I went off to buy us some. 
Well I bought me some lol 
I even got lucky and found some Caron cake mill ends. 
So the hunt is on for patterns to use these on 
 Cooler weather is here and we have had a lovely drop of rain 
Might even light the fire in a week or two. 
How are you all going? Have you been as busy as we have? 
See ya xxx

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  1. That little cardigan is sweet! Those Easter toys would go great for their egg hunt. Ha Ha, am fondly remembering my stashes I had in the day - bet you're delighted!
    Tried to sleep today - could have used more - ready again!