Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fitting two into one

When children return to the nest, lots of stuff comes home with them 
There were boxes with kitchen written on them in my kitchen. 
So many boxes. And they all had food in them 
So we had to find room in the pantry to fit them all in 
So my wonderful hubby helped me clean and organise and fit it all in 
Look how pretty! 
Plus side. Don't actually have to food shop for a long time now
Nothing like necessity making do something that you have put off for months and months and months 
Totally exhausted now.  But it's done. 
Now let the cooking begin! 
See ya xxx


  1. I would love to have such an organized pantry. I imagine you appreciated the help! Time to rest!

  2. Good work! Now you're all set for storms and earthquakes and financial (the country's) collapse. Don't put on weight with all those selections!

  3. Hope you enjoy your time together. I would love such a large pantry.