Monday, March 27, 2017

What a drama

Morning all from a very hot autumn morning here in Melbourne. 
But I'll leave that for another post 
Remember I started this pattern on Friday?
Well I couldn't get the stitch count right. 
No matter what I tried. 
I cast on  62 stitches and all was fine till that first increase 
Now I know I'm a nuffy and I don't really know what I'm doing. But I tried knitting four stitches and then making one by knitting in the front and back on the fifth 
Nope. Pulled it all out and then knitted three stitches and made one by knitting back and front on the fourth. 
So I got the shits and unraveled it all and found another pattern 

This one. And it's free! 
I paid for the first pattern and I have made it in the smaller size. It's only out by a couple of stitches so easily rectified on the next row 
But the large size is out by about 12 stitches and I have no idea what I am doing wrong. 
So I have now started this on and as of th first increase I have the correct number of stitches. 
If anyone can see what the hell im doing wrong. Please tell me. 
It's driving me crazy
Now as for this Indian summer .............
See ya xxxxx



  1. I have no idea, it has been years since I knit anything besides mittens and socks. Pretty. Any chance they have a typo there?

    1. Have knitted through to the second increase on the new pattern and my stitches are correct. So I'm feeling much better about my self. Lol
      Thanks anyway xx

  2. Sorry. No clue. I have not learned to use patterns.

  3. This is sooo cute.. I wish i could knit..
    I uploaded the video on Youtube so I can post it here and I think it won't be problematic anymore..
    Have a blessed day!!!