Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A helping hand

What are you cutting there mummy. I like this green material it will make a nice bed for me.
what are you sewing now mummy.
I can help just let me have a go.
fine I'll just wait here then and help with the pressing shall I.
What a good girl I am helping with all this sewing mummy has been doing. I'm sure she is appreciating it and I'm not in the way at all!


  1. What a beautiful little helper you are Miss Bella. We love that you are helping your mum out, just like Poppy would.

  2. Bella is such a sweet helper! Have you tried playing Sorry or Monopoly with her yet, or cards?

  3. What a beautiful girl! My cat isn't interested in the sewing machine but he loves to walk on the computer keyboard and even will walk over the iPar if I haven't closed the cover :-/