Wednesday, October 9, 2013


We have been busy here, collecting the abundance of our produce. While away the garden must of loved the weather as it was ready to harvest when we came back.
Over the weekend we collected cabbage, broccoli, coli, beet roots, and leaks.
The chickens have been going gang busters too, so cooking them up and giving away four dozen yesterday has made room for the next load to come in.
I'm not complaining, I'm very excited. It's getting my eager to get some new summer seedlings into the ground.
Yes the warmer weather is here now, I wonder how long it will last.
See ya


  1. Well it was fabulous earlier on - the wind has really picked up now (2.30pm) and its cooled off a lot! Not fair!
    Good news on the backyard harvest - what are you planning to plant next?

    1. Hi cathy, it's not nice here now either wind has picked up and it's overcast. I'll plant the usual tomatoe, cucumbers zucchini beans maybe some squash if I have the room.