Sunday, October 27, 2013


Meet bonnie, my new baby.  She is slightly bigger than Alice my old car and she is BLUE!
I wanted a blue BMW when I got Alice but my only option was silver. We buy new but we go for demo models as you can get them for the normal price of a new car but you get heaps of optional extras you don't have to pay for.
Both Alice and bonnie were like that. So this time I lucked out and I got the blue I wanted.
She's very pretty and fun to drive.
Alice I loved so much, and now she has gone to live with my baby girl. So she is still in the family.
What do you think?
Can you see me driving her? 
See ya


  1. Hello Bonnie Blue
    Nice looker - no heavy foot tho or you'll have the boys in blue after you lol
    Take care

    1. Thanks cathy no I won't do anything silly. I don't want to have to walk

  2. She is beautiful, so happy for you. I love your granny square too. I have not done any like that for a while. I will have to look up how you joined them too.

    1. Grammy look it up on YouTube. They have greqt videos showing you how to do it.

    2. woo hoo- look at you in the blue bmw !

  3. Bonnie is 'Bonnie'! Pretty car! New - never had one, you lucky girl! Nice that Alice is still in the family!