Friday, October 18, 2013


I've been watching big love on the Internet. I watched a few episode when it was on tv but it was on late and they kept changing the times it was on so I missed a lot of it.
But what I saw I liked so when I found it on the net I started watching from the first episode. 
I'm half way through the second series and I really do love it
It's a story about a polygamy family and how they deal with living in a world where their lifestyle is agains the law  
It really does deal with every aspect of family relationships and even with ones most of us will never deal with. It's a really well written series that I recommend to anyone.
For those that watch once upon a time there is a young snow as one of the wives.


  1. One of my absolute favourites ever. Prue's too-she owns the whole series. Nikki is hysterical. It gets better each episode x

  2. Not sure if it is on NZ tv but I will watch out for it. (we are watching DVD's of I dream of Jeannie at the moment LOL)
    Love Leanne

  3. Will have to look it up. It is so nice to see good things coming on tv again. I just caught up on your blog. Love the fence. It is allot of work. And Love all of Bella's photos. She looks like she is saying. Sew me a costume. :)