Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Apollo bay

A better nights sleep last nigh than the one before. We decided to put the tent up again and boy was that a bad call. We had the worst storms in thirty years. I spent the whole night listening to the tent and quick shade getting blown around. But I'm amazed that neither was blown away.
So as the weather man said we were getting more of the same we again opted for a room. And boy am I glad we did. I woke during the night and I could hear it blowing outside. So today we will start the last leg home and I will be able to upload some of the photos I took with my camera. I will start to post them soon after.
If your ever able to do  the great ocean road drive. Amazing sights to see. Even with the weather being so blowy it was fantastic to see things I have read about all my life. We will do it again with my big van and during better weather. 
See ya

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  1. OMG Angela - you slept in a tent in that awful weather - it was bad enough indoors with all the doors and windows closed lol
    I'm doing the photo sort at the moment so know what is a head of you - bet oyu sleep well this evening
    Take care