Tuesday, June 10, 2014

View from my bedroom window

I can just see the shed. A big truck is already in ready for work. The fog is really thick this morning. 
The sun trying ever so hard to shine through. I don't know what the temp is outside but I'm back snug in my bed typing this. Don't have to go anywhere so until it gets a little warmer I'm staying put lol
I had to let the fire go out so I can clean it. I got up early to turn the ducted on. It's just not the same but in a little while I relight the fire and warm this place up.
What's it like outside your bedroom window right now?
See ya


  1. It's kinda like yours, but it is rain, lots of rain. LOL

  2. Hi Angela, oh dear it does look foggy where you are, bed is definitely the place to be until it brightens up.
    We're in East Gippsland and the sun is shining right very brightly through the kitchen window :D)

  3. Cloudy, looks like rain, again, it's after supper, but still plenty light out. The birds are about pecking at seeds and wormy things. 29C at the moment, and muggy.

  4. Unfortunately my bedroom window view is the living room of our neighbors!

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