Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My day so far

Starts with a  5am wake up from bella. Breakfast is needed now
Out wood in fire
Go back to bed to check emails Facebook and games until the house heats up
Get up get totally undressed put on swimmers
Finish dressing
Have breakfast and put away yesterday's dishes. Wash the pot left soaking overnight
Clean kitty litter and take out rubbish
Go to swimming
Take off clothes 
Swimmer out and change into dry clothes 
Go to Aldi to specifically get dish washing detergent and a few other things
Forget  dish washing detergent so take other things to car and get the detergent from the cheap shop next to Aldi. 
Buy the kids their morning tea
Go home give kids their morning tea and put their lunch into oven to cook and be reqdy for 12am
Get totally undressed and shower
Get dressed
Clean kitty litter again!
Now sitting with coffee
This afternoon I have knitting group. I may be able to rest there
See ya


  1. Wow! You were busy! So productive!!

  2. Swimmers... ah...
    Busy lady, every day? Whew!

  3. Busy bees - no time to getinto mischief lol
    I just pop my tracksuit back on after swimming (minus cossie of course) and come straight home for a bath. After that and hair wash I feel redy to tackle the day
    How long till your man gets home?
    Take care

    1. Hopefully before the weekend cathy. After yesterday's big effort which did not include rest in the afternoon I'm pooped today. Do it will be a go slow lol

  4. Whoa busy morning for you! Hope you had a restful time at your knitting group :)