Friday, June 27, 2014

Craft and quilt fair

Today I ventured to the craft and quilt fair with my friend Shirley from my knitting class.
What an eye opener. Shirley commented that it wasn't as good as last years. And there were way less people as well.
We headed off ready to spend up big, but unfortunately we didn't want to be ripped off either. 
Everything was so expensive and the one stall she really wanted to see had pulled out of the fair.
But it was nice to look around and see many wonderful things. 

Some of the quilts on display. They had lots of entry's into their competion. 
I loved this one.
Here we Have the 5000 poppies. Crafters have been asked to make poppies for next years Anzac Day. It will be displayed in fed square in Melbourne. They wanted at least five thousand but to date they have 19,000. And more coming in every day! New Zealand is doing one too so if your a kiwi check it out and make some poppies. 
I really was disappointed, at the show today. I saw a Christmas bunting and asked how much for the kit. It was $26.00 for the Merry and another $26.00 for the Christmas. I mean seriously there is making a living, with a fair profit but to split the words merry Christmas is just rediculas. I don't think I'll bother going back. I'll just look for specials and get my craft things then. 
See ya


  1. Wow Angela this was the one at Jeff's Shed wasn't it - every time I've been to that one I've never been able to move. Maybe the cold windy weather has put people off going. Was it expensive to get in?
    Lots of craft groups are having a go at the 5000 poppies - I think there might be displays all over the state (country even)

    1. Yes cathy that's the one. My friend Shirley said the same thing. It was $18.00 just to get in add to that parking and Etags and it's alreqdy very expensive before you start. The weather could have added to it and combined means numbers were way down

  2. Sounds expensive, but think worth it to view the quilts. Poppies... I must really be losing it, something new?

    1. Sharon poppies are what we use for remembrance of our fallen soilders. It's because of a massive battle in Flanders fled in France during the First World War. Poppies grow in the thousands there now were once the ground was soaked in th blood of men

  3. Just look at those frigging quilts Angela. OMG !! I dont have the patience anymore but Prue certainly does and she drags my ample unwilling ass along to all those fairs and expo's. It is truly winter here today my sister in another state. Fire raging, poodle snoring , washing drying. Bliss xx

    1. Lol I'd love to see you getting dragged around by your daughter. They were beautiful quilts. I'm made a few in my time but nothing like these ones. Mine are sell and truly put to shame but I don't mind. They re nice and snuggly. Only difference between your house and mind right now is a cat is snoring next to me not a poodle xxx