Monday, June 23, 2014

Princess Grace of Monaco

Yesterday I saw the movie biography of Grace Kelly as the Princess of Monaco 
I thought it was a good movie that tells a story that I hadn't heard about before. 
Everyone has bagged Nicole as Grace. It I think she did a fine job. She isn't Grace but then again who could be! 
The only thing I didn't like was the extreme close ups of Nicole's face. Obviously worried about them she must of had more Botox because it did not move very much at all
But it was informative and it highlighted a period of Monaco's history we really haven't heard much about. It was more a doco on that incident and who Grace affected the outcome and how she took control of her life than anything else.
I recommend the movie if you like history, although I don't know how accurate it was, and if you enjoy looking back on the fashion of the era. 
I think everyone has been a tad unfair to Nicole. It would of been a very hard role and she was very brave to take it on.
I wouldn't rush to see it on the big screen maybe get it on DVD grab some pizza and a bottle of wine and have a girls night in 
See ya

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  1. I felt the same - and also not sure how accurate the movie is to real life - but it made me interested. I'm not sure why folks are giving Nicole a bad wrap either.