Thursday, June 5, 2014

Six week adventure

Hubby has gone on a six week adventure up to the gulf of carpentaria. The first pic O's of his camp sight and the second is of the couple he has gone with.
I didn't go.
Between organising weddings and engagements and overseas trips, plus the fact that long days in a car over bumpy roads would kill me, I decided to keep the home fires burning.
I do miss him but it the first time ever we will be separated for this long. I think it will do us good.
So I have been home alone, but the kids have been here during the day as they now both work in our business. So that's great. The nights have been spent watching DVDs crafting and relaxing with bella.
I wonder how long before i crack lol
See ya


  1. Enjoy your rest. - A to eat what you want, do what you want for 6 weeks bliss

  2. Just keep thinking of the aches and pains joggling over those dirt roads, and the flies and mozzies You are ok where you are you might even get to enjoy the challenge Ange. <3

  3. Ooohh! So cute! Those weeks will go by quickly and until then you have all of us!!!

  4. Alone time can be a good thing. Eat when you want, leave when you want, stay up watching old movies and then sleep in, yep, it's fun for a while.

  5. What an awesome adventure. I can't even imagine 6 weeks alone. Wow. I am going to think, what would I do with that amount of time. Oh, sound so nice. :) Enjoy.