Friday, July 29, 2016

Still here

Hello all
Yes I'm still here. And yes I have been reading your blogs and sometimes even commenting. But I haven't really had much to say myself 
Life here on the home front is really great. Baby girl has come back to work part time with her dad and I get to play with my beautiful granddaughter while she is at the shed being the office girl. 
It works out great as I can just message her to come over and feed melody then she goes back to work. 
Wonderson is happy working hard just like his dad trying to get ahead in life. 
But as for the rest of the world. What a mess 
In the suburbs around ours there is a gang of youths terrorising everyone. 
Car jacking's, violent home invasions, assaults have all gone up since this gang has formed. 
Is relative new here. We had the occasional occurrence but now it's nightly and one just once or twice! 
It's gotten so bad bands of men now patrol areas reporting suspicious people, cars or incidences. 
And that's just our little part of the world 
Then there is the whole rest of the world! 
Terrorist attacks, shootings violent clashes. 
It's all getting out of control. 
And I'm torn. On the one hand I feel compassion for those fleeing war torn areas. For the mothers with children, the child brides sold off into marriage and slavery. Young boys taken from their homes and made to hate and fight and yes die for their cause. 
I sit and cry tears of dispar of all the pain and abuse inflicted in this world. 
But then I hear about the mass killings of innocent citizens going about their days 
And the fear and anger engulfs me and I ask why. 
And again tears begins to fall. But this time hot angry tears. 
I don't know how to fix all th problems of the world. I'm only a mum and grandmother. I don't have a magic wand, or special powers 
All I know is it's too painful to listen any more. But we are bombarded with these stories everyday. 
There is no escape. The assault to our emotions is relentless. 
It's affecting us all. 
All I can do is try to insulate myself from the worst, and look for the good in every day. 
This is getting harder and harder to do. 
So I've remained silent. Trying to make sense of a world gone insane. 
I don't know the answers. I only know things must change. For we are heading down a road that will only lead to more pain and hardship for everyone. 
So for now I'll just concentrate on my little family. I will love them harder, hug them longer and try to project this into the community. 
I pray it will get much better soon. 
May everyone find love and happiness in their hears 


  1. Wow, it seems like it will never get any better, does it? I think things like this have gone on through the ages, and I don't think the media is helping the situation any. It is worrisome, the hand baskets are getting mighty crowded. (The ones we're in, going down that infamous creek.)

  2. Terrible when the violence is so close to home. At least your neighbourhood is getting organised with the patrols. But why is this happening dammit. We're safe where we are but violence on islands with thousands of refugees is daily, amongst themselves and the locals. I'm sorry for the refugees but really the only solution is to make peace...somehow, so they can go back home. Seems impossible. Hope you and your family stay safe.