Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Crazy weather

The weather here in the south east of Melbourne has gone nuts.  We are getting extreme winds from the South Pole and the temp is dropping. Today we are forecast to get snow down to almost sea level. 
Yesterday afternoon hubby and I drove along the ocean road and took some videos of the waves and the winds 
I don't know how to upload the videos so I've taken screen shots for you to see   This wasn't even one of the big ones. 
There were lots of people who had the same idea and we had quite the paparazzi happening lol 
The wind was so bad hubby had to hold on to me while I filmed. And I'm not a small person. 
Driving home I took these shots of th Sky. The colours were amazing and the movement of the clouds were mesmerising. 
So this morning it's very cold and again the wind is blowing. I got up around five to make sure the fire had plenty of wood in it and I'm sitting in bed now waiting for the house to warm alittle before I get up 
Going to be very cold and wet so if your affected stay warm and dry and maybe just stay inside and snuggle with someone if you can. 
See ya xxxx


  1. It definitely looks like it means it. Brr! That cooled me right down.