Saturday, July 16, 2016

Farm day

The sun is out today. So perfect for getting some stock  maintenance done. Hubby got the sheep into the corral and one by one we wormed them and trimmed their feet 
Here they all are free and walking so much better without their long nails 
And here is my new alpaca. I've named him Albus. It means white in Latin. We lost a baby to the foxes so I got him to help Bobby guard the flock. 
Now I'm very tired lol farm work is hard. 
See ya xxxxx


  1. Albus is adorable. And I am sorry your list the lamb to the fox.

  2. Albus is too cute, I hope he is good at his job. Not good to lose lambs.

  3. Gorgeous alpaca! Glad the sun is shining.

  4. Naww I love your alpaca, so cute!

    Farm life can be tiring, but it is a good tired :)