Saturday, July 9, 2016

Garden joy

All from the garden.  Exciting stuff. The weather is cold here and it's going to get much colder. So what do we need for cold weather
Another slow cooker. This is half the size of my other one. Perfect for desserts and soups for two. 
And only $20.00 from Aldi. I'm a very happy lady. 
See ya xxx


  1. So nice that you are still getting veggies from your garden. Enjoy your smaller crock pot, I have one that size and I love it.

  2. Wow, your produce looks terrific. Nothing like our half dozen green peppers and handfuls of cherry tomatoes. I have just been told Greek soil (or around here) lacks 'asvestio'.....I'll have to look up the English translation. We are supposed to turn eggshells to dust and add them to the soil. I'll try anything. The zucchinis get to an inch long and then rot. Your fees are terrific. Great inspiration

  3. 'fees' darn it should have been 'veges' . Why does this spell check thing think it's cleverer than me?

    1. Lol gotta love spell check. I think they mean lime Maybe the ground needs sweetening. I'd do a ph check that will tell you what the soil needs. Good luck xx

    2. I should have known the translation, it is calcium, which is what Lime is I believe. Thanks for the input.