Sunday, July 3, 2016


Roses needed pruning. I've been wanting to go out and do it for ages. But being busy, the cold and lack of energy kept me inside 
But today I though. Nope I'm going out. Hubby watched me do two and struggle. So he came out to help. Made the job much easier and more fun 
Job done.  I didn't prune all the way down   I hope I haven't  killed them
Every time I prune I worry I'm killing them. 
Looks much neater now. Next job. To mulch!
See ya xx


  1. They look wonderful I am glad he helped you too. It is good to enjoy things like this together.

  2. Good on you both, braving the cold...a job well done!!

  3. I suppose there is such a thing as over-pruning them - I'm sure they are just fine. So nice of your husband to help you.
    Cute 'pig' you have there.:)

  4. A very tidy garden!! Roses need a good pruning. I pruned ours this first time. I thought I had pruned too low but they grew like mad after that and we are still getting a few flowers now in this heat, tho they are a bit puny. Bet yours appreciate their 'haircut'.