Thursday, December 1, 2016

First day of summer

Summer is here so I thought I'd show you what's happening in the garden 
We have baby tomatoes 

And some corn 
It's not very high. Not sure what breed these are. We were given seedlings from a friend. So just grateful and we will eat whatever grows 

The berries were neglected and we totally forgot to cut them back. But they still have produced some berries. Yummy 

The garlic almost ready to harvest. I planted in the shortest day of the year. Will harvest on the longest 
Over the weekend we planted some cucumber seedlings 
The oregano is going strong. Will harvest some over the weekend and start drying for winter use 
This is my wishing well. With the only rose that survived in the hanging baskets out front. The possums ate them. This was right in the middle. I'd say they couldn't reach it 
My climber had come back after frost killed it over winter and the roses are still full of flowers 
And my flower corner is coming along. Again frost killed some plants. So I'll need to replant some pots 
So all is well here. A long hot summer is predicted. I'll be mulching and keeping the water up to these 
What's happening in your part of the world?
See ya 


  1. Wow! You lucky lucky person. Lovely flowers and food coming right along. Yum, fresh corn - I haven't had any fresh corn on the cob in years ... Hmm ... Nice to see you have tomatoes coming right along!

  2. It is summer already. You have some many things growing. I love the flowers and wishing well too. Time is flying. I still have a green tomato frozen out there. LOL

  3. You have tomatoes and corn already! Bravo. You have green fingers...I didnt realise the garlic took so long to form. Our garlic is like spring onions at the moment and that's how we eat them..young and green. Love the wishing well. What a great idea. I'll have to show it to K. Maybe he'll get excited and make one for us.the oregano looks really healthy. Ours is still green and growing even though it has gone down to 5o at night. Winter basil is still surviving but the mint has disappeared. It will recover next spring. Oxalis is taking over the lettuces damn it. My small garden needs a really good weeding. Kalo kalokairi