Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rosie's camp

Here is the river we camped by at Rosie's camp. I think the river is called Rosie's river and it's full of crocodiles 
We saw many at least one a day and we heard lots at night! 
The fishing was fantastic. We had only just started to fish and within minutes don had caught his first Queenie! 
They taste yummy too 

Jody is using a small bucket on a rope to get water. You do not want to go to close to the water
At night th crocs would come up here and we would see their prints in the sand 
Here is our littl van all set up 

Jim and his daughter were in this camper trailer. 
They meet up with Chris and Jody every year. A lovely man and his daughter is a delight 

And Chris and Jody in their camper van 
We were all together and had fun swapping stories and laughing.  We laughed a lot 
Here is our shower tent. All set up for me to have my shower. It was hot and sweaty   We were not far from the coast! Only an hour or so by car from 
The gulf of carpentaria. 
But that's tomorrow's post! 
And my view from the shower. No one could see me unless they were on a boat in the river. And believe me there were those that did that 
I don't know if they had seen the crocs and I wanted to yell at them that famous line rom jaws
Your gonna need a bigger boat! 
But I could hear them coming so I didn't close the tent flap and enjoyed showering with the view! 
So that was our camp site for a week
Pretty basic. But functional 
What do you think? Would you stay here? 
It was kinda cool to be laying in bed at night and hear the crocs splashing, the dingoes singing and the birds and bats 
Doing their things lol 
See ya xxx


  1. Back to nature in a room with a view.
    All good fun 😊

  2. OOh yes, we'd do that ... in an instant! We used to go camping when we could and it was just wonderful. Lovely to read how much you enjoyed it. Love your shower tent - and your campsite is well set up. Cheers :D)