Sunday, July 23, 2017

The gulf of carpentaria

After just over an hours drive and then walking three kilometres over salt flats we were at the gulf
It was murder, the hot sun beating off the white salt, beating down on us and the winds were hot and whipped up the salt 
But we did it! 

There was a little estuary that was surrounded by mangrove. So it protected us from the hot winds and we got a little shade. So we spent the time fishing here 
A few fish were caught but mostly we had set the mud crab nets and we got lots of those to share 

A shot of the salt flats. Doesn't really show just how stark it was. And you couldn't wear shoes. We had to all go bare foot! 
Just to prov how close we got by car if you see that little horse shoe right at the top. That's where we walked too and fished 

And  to show You how far from home we were. The circle is melbourne and the x is approx where we were. Yup a long way from home 

And here is one of the mud crabs we caught 

There were six of us and we feasted like kings! 
They were sooooo goood! 
Hope you enjoyed coming along with us
See ya xx

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  1. Wow! those crabs!! Fabulous - the feast was well earnt though :D)