Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Back to civilisation


Well I'm back at Barkley homestead and I've just survived 
I'm Burnt and very brown. Iv been eaten alive by the mozzies and I even fell out of the van and hurt my back! 
But I'm here 
I've lived with spiders and snakes 
Crocs and dingoes! 
I've walked three kilometres over salt flats to the coast and back again 
And we have swam many pools! 
I have so many things to share 
But for now I'm just letting you know I'm alive and well even if I'm like that car! 
Once we get to some civilisation I'll start posting about the trip 
I'll check in with you all as soon as I can 
Hope all is well with you all. I've missed you!
Be well
See ya xxxx


  1. Happy to know you are safe at home again! Sounds like your body took a bit of a beating though. Bet it was worth every bit of it!

    1. Oh no. Not home for another week or so! I'm still surviving. Just lol

  2. Pioneer woman! And you enjoyed it?
    Can't wait to hear the whole story

  3. Looking forward to the tales you'll tell - how many big ones got away?

  4. I'm catching up with your travels ... sounds like you've seen and done so much !

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