Friday, July 21, 2017

Lorella springs

The adventure really began once we were off grid 
We arrived at lorella at five on the 29th of June. Our friends had been camping near the homestead but had left that morning to go further out towards the coast that morning 
They did leave us a letter at the homestead saying they had left and where to find them and to come out whenever we wanted. There are lots of things to do around the homestead and lots of visitors stay close for safety and sanity sake lol
We spend the night there and headed off to find our comrades in insanity! 
The owner was very helpful and knew exactly where Chris and Jody had gone, this was their fifth time at lorella. 
So givin a map with the route marked we set off! 
It was three hours away through the bush. And as we got closer we decided to see if they had their CB on 
As luck would have it. They were in the car and planning on going even further north and if we had waited even another few minutes they would of been out of range! 
But we contacted them and they were so surprised to hear from us but turned around and came down the track to find us and show us the way back to their camp site 
I have provided a link to the web page, hope it works, so you can see for yourselves just how beautiful and rugged the place is 
Over the next few days I'll try and share my adventures. 
I did push myself. And I did over do and I surprised everyone, especially me!
I was sore and I had lots of pain meds but omg what an awesome ride! 
So hang on tight
Your about to get a taste of what goes on in th Aussie bush! 
Hope can come along and enjoy it
See ya xxx