Saturday, July 29, 2017

Lake eyre

Lake Eyre is an area in south Australia that floods when they get enough rain and becomes a huge inland lake
It's a rare occurrence and one getting rarer
 It even when there isn't any water, it still looks like it has as it's covered in salt which the sun shines off, giving the impression of water 
We got up early and left camp so we could see the sun coming up over the lake 
There had been lots of rain and there was some water in th centre but not where we were 
Still the sun rise was spectacular 

Even in the west the sky turned beautiful colours
I've always wanted to visit Lake Eyre so now I can tick that off the bucket list! 
Worth a visit if your in the area
Check it out on the net. I'm sure there ar many pics of the lake with or without water
See ya xxx

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