Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Alpacas and yet more poodles

A few months ago we lost Rupert my chocolate coloured alpaca 
We don’t know what happened. It’s just one of those things 
I was pretty devastated about it. And poor Albus was lonely for company of his own kind 
Although he and the sheep get on really well 

But yesterday Joy my friendly alpaca lady brought me two new ones so I could choose 
Who can choose! 
I took both lol 
So the big white is Albus 
The little grey one is Gandalf the grey 
So I had to pick another wizard name so the small white one is 
belgariad from the Belgariad 

Can you tell I love stories about wizards and magic lol 
They have settled in really well and are all friends 
Let the magic begin! 

Making scones and I couldn’t resist using my new poodle cookie cutter 
I think they are cute. Don’t you?
Trixie won’t feel left out lol 
See ya xxx


  1. Poodle scones and alpacas named after Wizards! Cute!
    The alpacas are adorable

  2. all super cute photos, I love alpacas..........