Thursday, October 15, 2020

Working on my food supply

I was lucky enough to be gifted four cucumber plants 
So today they went into the ground 

Two in the garden bed 
But as last summer was so muggy I didn’t want to overcrowd them. So two went into pots

I received the seedlings over the weekend but I needed pots. So online I went and ordered them from Bunnings 

The arrived yesterday afternoon 

I also sowed chives in both pots. No space wasted I say 

I also wanted these seeds but wasn’t going to do an online order just for those so when opportunity knocks you take full advantage 

I’m back on no carbs and even  after just over a week I feel so much better less inflammation and my clothes are starting to fit again 

So this little beauty will hopefully help fill that pasta craving. I’ll eat it and pretend I’m having spaghetti. I hope 

So into this pot I’ve planted four seeds and hopefully they grow and spill out and I’ll get a nice crop  

It’s threatening rain so I guess I should keep
Going before it starts 

Stay safe and well see ya xx

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with the no carbs and the squash.
    I plant all sorts of things in each pot and cross my fingers something survives. My chives are loving our cooler weather and have sarted growing again. I love chives