Thursday, October 29, 2020

Surprise days

This morning I felt a little better so I decided I wanted to put all the decorations that were on the house,
Before the new cladding, onto the fence 

So three trips to the shed and back 
And I got them all on the fence 

You can. See wayyy in the back the metal butterflies and dragonflies that were glued onto
The outside of my old craft room 

While text messaging my daughter she told me she was heading to the nursery that’s near my house. 
So I told her I’d meet her there. 
I was contemplating more concrete ornaments and the nursery near me has lots 

But when I got there I found the lure of the plants too great to ignore 
Three rhododendrons 

A dwarf mulberry Bush 
And a Camilla to replace the one that died from too much water. 

My baby girl bought more plants than she had anticipated and a couple of big pots. So we had to ring her dad to come with the ute to put it all in and deliver to her house 

We also added some organic compost and soil blend that we had so she could fill those pots 
And as both her dad and I are incapacitated at the moment. Her older brother was conscripted into doing the manual labour 

So off we went. And the kids did the hard work together, without fuss or arguments.
Not like their younger days at all 
And baby girl was very happy with her haul 

Her brother and I then came home and it was a great day 

The last pic is of the spaghetti squash I planted a little while ago. 
It’s coming up and I’m very happy. Hopefully I’ll get some fruit from the vines to try 

So a day where I just planted to pot around at home turned into an adventure 
With my children 
Just like the old days 
Only better. 
Blessed I am indeed 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. Your garden will be beautiful and yippee for lockdown finishing for you guys.

  2. Sounds like a great day and the plants you got will be way more interesting than the ornaments you might have bought - for sure. Good luck with the squash.

  3. When I saw the word 'decoration' I thought you were starting for Xmas lol.
    No, not yet. Wonderful selection of pots and plants. Wonderful too to see your children happy together. No longer teenagets lol

    1. I need my house back in order before I can start. Still waiting on carpet