Monday, October 5, 2020

Exciting times ahead

FINALLY I can share our exciting news 
After trying for so long and enduring IVF during covid lockdown 
My beautiful daughter in law and son are having a baby girl due in April 

We are so very very happy 
I’ve been busy crafting for the newest princess but I haven’t been 
Able to share what I’ve made because of the need to wait for the great reveal lol 

I did show you some of these squares and this is the end result 
When I started this they hadn’t even begun ivf but I was just so positive it was going to work 
And when I finished it. DIL was pregnant but we didn’t know the sex as yet 

I made a couple of hats a cream one and a collingwood coloured one. 
This granddaughter is going to be mine to brainwash and bring her in on my team lol 

Once we knew the sex I started making the cute girly things 
A couple of jackets 
Pretty in pink of course 

I’ve also made some bibs and wash clothes in cotton 
DIL loves doctor who so a couple of whovian  cloths and a Harry Potter one 
Of course there is the abc blocks as well 

So now you now what I’ve been up too 
Hopefully lockdown will end soon and I’ll be able to hug my daughter in law and rub her belly lol 

It’s been so hard keeping the exciting news secret 
Kinda why I’ve been MIA lately on the blog 

But get ready for lots of baby related knitting and crochet now 

Hope you are all safe and well 
See ya 


  1. Very very positive news. I can see why you're jumping with joy. And by gosh what gorgeous crochet you do. Those squares and bibs are inspired . I am so envious of your creations. A koala, Dr Who. I'm making plain old granny squares. I think I need to take my squares up a notch after seeing yours.
    All the very best to you and your d in law and all the family!

    1. The squares are knitted
      This is where I got the patterns

  2. Wow - that is factory class knitting (I mean the amount not the appearance) -the appearance is that your grand-daughter is going to have beautiful one-offs that no one else could buy. That blanket is amazing and I love the little jacket with the tapering chevrons (the mind has been working overtime to try and reverse engineer the pattern!) Mr B's daughters unfortunately don't go in for hand-knits for their kids.

    1. The knitting is from
      The chevron is an old pattern that you can find on Pinterest I’ll find
      The link and post it.
      It’s so easy you can even make them and give them to charity

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  4. I can see Grandma been busy. Hope the new bundle of joy will arrive safely

  5. Congratulations! What lovely gifts you're making.