Monday, October 12, 2020

Spring flowers

The sun is shining today so I thought a look at what’s blooming might be nice 
So here are some of my roses 

Not sure what this is put it’s pretty and comes back year after year

My poppies 

Pretty daisies 

Snapdragons again the self seed every year 

An Australian native it grows rather large so I grow them in pots until they get too big then plant out. That way I get to enjoy the colour close up and it survives the onslaught Of rabbit attacks better when it’s older. 

The lemon is full of blossoms and bees. Love the sound of them buzzing 

The mandarin is also full of buds. Smell lovely 

And here is the site manager she loves to keep an eye on everything lol

What’s blooming in your garden?
Stay safe and well. See ya xx


  1. You have poppies!! Lots of colour and looks like you'll be eating citrus soon. The garden must be full of scents!

    1. The bees love this time of year before the extreme heat
      Hopefully next year I’ll have even more poppies

  2. What a great garden - mystery plant anemone? Your leptospermum is also called tea tree, close relative of NZ manuka from which that damned expensive honey is made. When i was a kid we all hated that honey for its strong resinous flavour (now i don't eat it because no one can afford to put it on toast).

    1. I can’t eat honey.
      Ever since I found out in school that honey is made from bees vomit I just can’t eat it lol
      Think about the money I save now