Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A head start

At the beginning of this year, you may remember I did heaps of Christmas sewing 
To use up my stash of material so I didn’t have to store it and then move it back into the craft room

It was like I knew something! 
We now know if I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t of had ready made presents and I would had to go out and buy 

I know. Not a catastrophe but still I like to give hand made where I can 

Keeping this in mind I’ve started on next years stash 

These are my practice ones so I’ll be keeping these for myself 

But the first thing made in the new room was this quilted Christmas bauble 

The process is really easy and there is no sewing 
Once you get your head around it. It’s rather meditative 

And it uses little squares so I can cut up the pieces from my scraps and then use them to make something nice 

Next I made this entree decorations 
The you tube said you can use whatever templet you liked as long as it was round 
Well I did and I choose a template that was too small 

It made them fiddly and hard to turn and kinda wonky
So again these will be mine and I’ll find a bigger template to make some to give away 

Also I tried to sew on the angels. But it was just too hard. 
So I ended up gluing them 
I recommend the glue gun method. Much easier 

So as you can see 
I’m having fun in my room again 

Making messes
Learning from my mistakes 
having a lovely time lol 

Only one more day after today of 2020 to get through 
What a year it’s been 
One for the history books for sure 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx


  1. That's a seriously ahead head start. We like the bauble.

  2. You Are having fun! Just love that bauble. No sewing?? It's amazing.
    You'll have a great line up of presents by the end of the year and probably lots for yourself as well lol
    Love seeing what you're creating