Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Checking in

It’s ten days till Christmas and I still don’t have carpet. But the good news is it’s booked for this Friday 
So although I won’t be putting up my decorations I’ll at least have some semblance of normality for Christmas Day 

The weather the last few days has been really hot, Sunday we went to a friends for a bbq lunch and a swim in their pool 
I stupidly forgot to apply sunscreen and I’ve  burnt quite badly. So the last two days in the pool have been nice and soothing on my 
Shoulders, arms and back 

On the pool front, as of tomorrow we no longer have to book in advance and can just turn up and stay as long as we like 
So slowly slowly life is getting back to normal
We still have to wear a mask in shopping centres but if we are outside or eating in a cafe or restaurant we don’t have to wear one 

We have opened our states boarders to international flights, so we are all hoping this time quarantine 
Works and no more community transmissions get out of hand. 

I picked up a parcel I treated my self too 
A knitting pattern book all about Harry Potter 
I’ll spend the summer looking it over and start knitting again in the autumn 
Once I have a nicely organised craft room, and this whole experience is long over and forgotten 

I’m not complaining, this has been a hard year for so many
Lots of people have not made it to the end of the year due to covid and many others are facing uncertainty in the future 
I feel blessed to have my family still here. Healthy and happy 

We are battered and bruised but we have survived 

I’m a few weeks it will be a new year and with it new hope 
But for now
Life is slowly moving on 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx

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  1. I really thought I preferred winter but right now your sunshine sounds wonderful. Can imagine how happy you are to be able to swim and visit friends.
    That onitting book looks very interesting. Enjoy your days