Sunday, December 27, 2020

Rest day (kinda)

After the hustle and bustle of the last two days hubby and I decided we needed a rest day 
But we can’t just sit and not do anything. 
So he decided to put my new cabinet together 

He took his time and just plodded along and got it done 
Doesn’t it look nice

Meanwhile I had bags and bags of yarn all over the work bench and on the floor 
So I proceeded to slowly organise and put that away 

The work bench is now clear and ready to be used. Yeahhhh 

There are projects that have been started so I’ve left them in their bag
They are safe up there. 
There’re mostly sewing projects. I decided to just concentrate on yarn for now. And I’ll sort sewing next 

I did make up a big garbage bag of yarn for a friend who is going to start crocheting again 
After many many years so I rang her and she came over to gratefully accept her bag of goodies 

I still have a heap of stuff or organise and pack away in the spare room but it is 
Much less than the start of today 

Won’t be long and I’ll have a working craft room and a spare room again 

That will be lovely 
Hope your all well and happy and not too full from Christmas feasting 

See ya xx


  1. Lovely last photo. That's how a craft room should be, with big baskets full of yarn and 'stuff'.
    Happy crafting

  2. It's all too exciting must be great having things where they can provide regular and ready inspiation. Great way to start your new year.

  3. Your craft room is looking great, Angela. I'm sure you'll spend many happy hours making things in such an organised space. MegXx

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