Friday, December 18, 2020


Finally we have carpet 
I’m so relieved 

This is the craft room so now we just have to bring everything back in
Set up the new shelving I’ve purchased 
And then I’ll start to organise it all 

I mentioned we had decided to change the carpet in the living areas so it would all match 
And it’s lucky we did. As the underlay was wet and mouldy 

Because the carpet I had was plastic backed we didn’t realise it was still wet. 
We thought we had dried it out 
But obviously it was wet where we couldn’t feel it and it had wicked 

So now it’s all been replaced
This carpet is more expensive, as it’s 80% wool 
And you sure can feel the difference 

I’ll be almost organised by Christmas, I hope 

What a year and a journey this has been 

Right now I’m exhausted but very happy 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xxx


  1. What fantastic light you have in that new room. Perfect for creative pursuits. Have a great Christmas in your new (and restored) spaces.

    1. Thank you. I plant to spend many happy hours crafting in there.

  2. Yeeees, as in the kiwi pronunciation. You'll be sorted, more or less, by Xmas. Any enthusiasm for Xmas Deco now?

    1. I’ll probably put up a tree. Just to put the presents under.
      But that’s it for this year.
      And yes. I did hear it in a kiwi accent hahaha

  3. Whoopee! I'm so glad the job is done.

    1. Thank you. It’s been a long and frustrating year.

  4. Lovely! It sounds like Christmas has come early with carpet for your craft room. Meg:)

    1. Only just early lol
      Thank you the big job starts to organise it all