Sunday, January 10, 2021


We have had rain for quite a few days so it’s been ages since I got out into the garden 
To check on its progress 

Bad move. Very bad move 
We had so many yellow squash and zucchini 
And they were ginormous! 

This is what I kept. But I cut up the rest and fed it to our cow 

He was very happy to receive it. 
Loves fresh veggies 

We pulled out one of the zucchini plants and I found som radishes  had sewn 
They were too big to eat 
So they were added to the veggie breakfast 

He looked up long enough for me to take the picture and then his nose was firmly back 
Into his breakfast 

It doesn’t really worry us having vegetables getting too big for us to eat 
As long as they get used by someone 

In days gone by I would purposely leave them to grow so I could feed the chickens 

We have started the process to have chickens again 
So I’ll be able to entertain you all with chicken posts again 

It’s going to be warm today 
So I’ll finish off outside and then I’ll go inside to rest and relax in the cool 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xxx


  1. Gosh it’s a warm one today! As you say the big ones don’t go to waste - is there anything chickens and cattle don’t eat?
    How long before the pens will be ready.....then it’ll be ‘watch out for incoming chook posts’. Wonder how the dogs will like that?

  2. Good thing your bovine friend likes veges. Living in town we couldn't keep a handy composter like that and i hated lobbing veg into the compost heap so ended up putting them in a 'help yourself' box at the bottom of the drive. I was amazed they always got taken - especially the overgrown zucchinis.

  3. Lots of stuffed zucchinis? We don't see those yellow ones but they look just the right size and shape

    1. I did do stuffed zucchini and squash. I’m on a no carb diet do it was a mince mix with lots of spices.