Friday, January 8, 2021

Keeping busy

It’s eight days into the new year and it’s a busy one already 
Hubby is supposed to be on holidays but he has been going over to the workshop everyday 
And doing a few hours of paper work or finishing off big jobs 

We had to get a new ducted heating and cooling system 
The old one was faithful for 21 years but was making the death rattle 

That went in on the 6th 
Swimming is back to normal and so are my Ouchie massages and my body is 
Really feeling the benefits 

I’ve been playing in my craft room and made lots of things to be put away for gifts 
I’ve got Easter pretty much sorted and now working on Christmas 

I’ve made these Santa bottle covers today 
I think they’re really cute and will add a personal touch to a bottle of 
What ever you are gifting 

I’m going to make a few more. If I don’t use them on bottles I’ll 
Just hang them somewhere as decorations 

So the year so far is progressing nicely 
We have had a few covid cases but nothing really worrying. 
We all jumped on it and it looks like a spread has been avoided 

Hope your all keeping safe and well 
See ya xx


  1. We thought your bottle covers were table napkins. Very nice. Very clever. Can't wait to see more. xxx

  2. Cant really use them as napkins as they’re double layered
    But I did get the idea of hanging them and making them into a row of bunting
    I’ll see how I go

  3. Happy you with the new cooling system. I can imagine you'll be needing it, probably right now. Gotta make life comfortable.
    Your creative juices are really flowing. Big WOW for Easter already!

    1. Not quite hot enough yet. But it’s coming

  4. The Santa bottle covers are really cute! Are they easy to sew? Meg