Monday, January 25, 2021

Still stitching

Today I wanted to use up even more of my bits and bobs 
So onto you tube I ventured 

Wasn’t long till I found something to interest me 

Baby booties. 
Not knitted 
Not crochet 
But sewn 

I think they’re cute. All they need is some press studs where I have the pins holding them together 

This is the you tube I followed 
In the description box is the link to the pattern 

I sent that to hubby on his email and he printed them out for me in his office 

I’ve been doing that all lockdown lol 
They are not hard. Just a bit fiddly as they are for little people 

If you have a scrap bag give it a go 
They really don’t take long at all 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx


  1. Very pretty. Here's another pattern you might be able to adapt
    xxx F & Mr T

  2. Give it a go?? Wish I could. I did make a few face masks, by hand, after watching some you tube videos. That's about as good as I get.
    The booties are really cute. Wish I could. Ftoo ftoo ftoo

  3. Lovely! I can imagine making them in all sorts of cute fabrics.