Sunday, January 31, 2021

Product review

I’ve been on camping sites lots lately 
Dreaming of the day we finally pick up our new van and go away 
We do a bit of free camping out in the wilderness and getting a decent cup of coffee is hard work 

I don’t do instant. So bitter especially now I don’t take any sugar 
I love my coffee pod machine but if you don’t have power it’s a no go. And it’s way too 
Big anyway 

I do have a Italian coffee percolator but if all you have is a fire. That’s no good 
So when I saw many saying this little gadget was great, and one came up at Aldi for 
$50 I grabbed it. 

Firstly it isn’t compatible with their pods. But it is compatible with the Nespresso 
That’s not a problem as there is usually a coles around and easily obtainable 

This morning I gave it a go 
Makes nice coffee. But if your like me and want a decent cup to get you moving your going to need a few pods!

For roughing it. I’d say it’s ok
I do have coffee in bags, like tea bags and they are just as good 
So. I say save the money and just buy the coffee bags
But if you like gadgets, like my hubby,  then at least you will have fun pumping 
Away for your morning brew 

Do you have one of these? 
Let me know what you think 
Stay  safe and well 
See ya xx


  1. Never heard of it, and hopefully we call can enjoy the great outdoors soon.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. Haven't seen one of those. We have a capsule machine, not Nespresso, which gives good coffee. Daily now we drink filter coffee. The best coffee is when someone else makes it for you and you can sit on the sun and enjoy it ☺️
    Enjoy yours!!