Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Busy day

My magic elf Dianne came over today to help me with the outdoor entertaining area 
She brought a box full of goodies as I just don’t have enough 

We made nine of these with the big red pine cones and attached them to one side 
We had to do an emergency run back to her house as she has a lovely stapler that attaches things to timber beautifully 

On the other side we needed 12 branches we didn’t have anymore pine cones so we made these up 
We ran out of the branches so she will make up the other nine and come back to put them up. 
She’s a little treasure and I love her 

This was mine from last time dianne added the red flowers to make it look a little fuller 

I bought the lamps a few years ago 
And I made the Santa tree last year 

Dianne added the garlands on the top beam 

During the year I saw these Santa and Rudolph fades that peer over the fence 
But they’re only plastic fantastic and who knows how long they will last 
Cute as they are I decided I wanted wooden ones 

As luck would have it a family in the next street over make and sell them! 
I didn’t realise as I haven’t been past their place for ages, thanks covid! 
Claire our other swim friend lives in the same street and told Dianne about it. 

So we dashed over and purchase these 

How cute are they? 
They also have an elf and a grinch I think I might wander over and grab those as well and have them lined up along the fence 

So that was our day today 
The weather has improved dramatically 
The sun is shining and the temps are going up

We actually got rather warm working out there 

The countdown to Christmas has begun 
Only three more weeks! 

I think I’ve got it all under control 
Well I hope so anyway lol 

Stay safe 
See ya 


  1. Oh my. Do they have a best decorated house competition near you? You'd win easily. Bravo both of you. Those fence decos are just gorgeous

    1. I wouldn’t win. There are so many others that are way better.
      But thank you for the vote xx

  2. Your Christmas decorations are amazing. I don't know if I will bother much this year as we won't be having any Christmas celebrations here. I bought an elf from Spotlight and will move him around the trees in the front. Kids like looking to see what I have hidden there.

    1. Yup it’s all bout the children
      The granddaughters love coming to see all the decorations

  3. You put an amazing amount into your Christmas scene. It is looking really fabulous.

  4. Look like that time of year. I like the evergreen set up in first photo.
    Coffee is on and stay safe