Friday, July 12, 2013

Rest now good and faithful servant.

Our heater was installed I 1993 for the next 17 years it was our only form of heating. It was running for around four or five months flat out. Three years ago we purchased our second heater and it got a little rest. But still she was called on on those freezing nights in the middle of winter.the last few times we lit her she smoked the house out and I couldn't figure out why. Hubby checked it out and gave me is diagnosis. She was not in a good way. Her box was cracked and warped and it was letting all the smoke out into the house rather than up the chimney. So the decision was made to replace her. 
Hubby started to extract her from the wall and I was dispatched to purchase her replacement. We got the exact same heater, we thought since she was such a great heater we would stay with the same.
Below is the site manager making sure sll the OH&S was being adhere too! If your wondering what that red thing Iain hubby's mouth it's my wind up torch. Lol
here are some shots of the inside not looking good is it! We well and truly got our moneys worth from her. Have have replaced one fan motor and the top twice and that's it.

and here is the original fireplace. Anyone know how I go about connecting to the flu network?
The new heater should go in either today or tomorrow. I'll post when that happens. 
See ya


  1. Good work snoopervising Miss Bella. Tis cold here and our gas heater is warming Miss Pops up on her bathmat.

  2. Hello Angela
    I think your friend did well - Where is he destined for now? The Big Tip or a scrap metal yard?
    Would be nice if you installing the new heater would bring about the end of winter in the same way our putting in a larger water tank heralded the end of the drought a few years back lol
    With all the flowers coming into bloom hopefully spring really is on its way - but then we still had frost this morning!!